As we wrap up the first quarter of 2018, We can see lots of changes happening in the music world. Not only have streaming rates been adjusted (in our favor) but we’ve also seen a surge in services like apple music, Spotify, Tidal, Netflix, HULU, etc. What does this mean for us? Well, In a nutshell this means that there’s an inevitable change happening right in front of our eyes. There’s a shift going on which you can either catch and ride the wave or.. be left behind!

Streaming is challenging the way musicians whether an artist or producer, release their music. Although it is a great way to be heard, The fractional amount of money you get per play will leave you gritting your teeth. Not long ago, Pharrell came out saying that from 43 million streams of his song “Happy”, He only made $2,700 from Pandora. Pretty disappointing right? So if this is the way the world is headed what should we do with our music?

One of the best ways i’ve found is to get your music on TV shows. Now I prefer TV or just releasing music on Apple Music, etc for several reasons. The first being the obvious difference in payment. There are companies that are always on the search for the latest, hottest music to put in their television show or movie. If you’ve heard about the awesome turn out of Black Panther ($1 Billion in Global Sales) do you think a production company is hurting to pay you a decent amount for your music? I think not.

The second reason I prefer getting music on television is that if a music supervisor likes your style, your music has the chance of becoming a part of the shows identity. For example, Think of your favorite show.. Now think of the type of music it features. Could you say it has a certain vibe to it? That’s because music connects us emotionally to what we watch. Without music, Those scenes of sadness, happiness, and frustration wouldn’t be felt as dramatically. We as producers have a bigger role than we think.

Opportunities to make a living off of your music aren’t going anywhere. The question is, What are you doing to find these opportunities?

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