Yes you read that correctly.. I sold two tracks for $1,000.00 each with out being a “mainstream” beatmaker.

How did I do it? Two words.. Music Licensing Now I know the first thing that comes to your mind is licensing music online to artists which is what most producers focus on but there’s a whole other audience you can target with your music and believe me they’re ready to pay! Have you ever sat down and watched tv for a while and paid attention to the music used in the background, transitions, and scenes? Who do you think is creating the music? Producers just like yourself! The only difference is they found a new lane to create income with and tried to keep it quiet so it wouldnt become oversaturated like selling beats online. The amount of music that these tv networks and companies need is endless..

The companies understand that they NEED our music for their shows to evoke emotions and feeling and they’re willing to pay for it!

Some companies only pay royalties which isn’t bad but others pay upfront money as well which is where you want to be! These companies pay anywhere from $100-$1000+ a track to sign your music to their music library and will still alow you to keep 100% of your writers royalties. Tired of hoping that the artist you sold a beat to pops off so that you can make royalties? Companies will only purchase your music if they feel that it’s good enough for them to get placed into tv shows and films.

Once it’s signed your job is done and theirs begins! Now they market, promote, and pitch your music for you to their clients and you receive royalties everytime one of your tracks are used and aired! Licensing your tracks for TV and Film is the new wave for producers trying to make a living off of their music and if you don’t hop on you WILL be left behind!

When’s the last time you made $1,000 + royalties for life for your music? It’s time to take your career to the next level. If you’re ready to make real money off of your music enroll into our music licensing course now where you get lifetime access to our video training, pdf guide, templates, one hour phone consultation, and collab that i pitch to my connects to help jumpstart your career. We’re not just talking about it, We’re really doing it.. And you can too.