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6 Quick tips on mixing 808s

01 February, 2016 / Rayvaughn Vernon / COMMENTS (0)

With the importance of bass in todays hip hop music, It is VERY important to mix your 808s properly. I decided to touch on this topic because a lot of producers seem to have an issue in this area.

  1. Space - You always want to have space for your 808 to shine through with out sounding muddy. The 808 Frequencies are strongest from about 155z and lower. To clear some space try adding hi pass filters around 100hz to other tracks which may have conflicting frequencies.
  2. Sound Choice - Remember just because a bass sounds good to you doesn’t mean it will fit with your beat! This will make it a lot hard to mix. Mixing only polishes good sounds, it can’t fix horrible ones!
  3. Layering Patterns - Try adding other sounds to your beat following the pattern of your 808 Baseline. this is a easy way to make sure your others aren’t conflicting and make the 808 stand out more.
  4. Patterns - 808s don’t need to be on every kick drum hit. Try changing it up, use them only as accents or punctuations.
  5. Distort - Distortion is the way to make your 808s stand out in a mix on smaller speakers like headphones, and cell phones. It also makes you perceive the sound as louder which is great for consumers.
  6. Enhance - Plugins like R Bass and Camel Crusher are great for adding extra umph to certain frequencies in your bass that can help give the sound more character

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