What if you could accelerate the process of becoming a successful beatmaker or producer? What if there was a way to avoid making mistakes and pitfalls that almost all producers make when trying to find their way? Now you can, Our marketing consultation consists of immense value gathered over years of experience from successful producers that live off of their music.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation 

– During the phone consultation we will first spend time figuring out where you’re at as a producer now compared to where you want to be. We will then go over any issues you’ve been having and help you overcome them with practical strategies. We will also talk about issues to avoid in the future to make sure you’re learning curve is accelerated. Last but not least I will share my own personal marketing plan that helps me bring in daily sales and show you “cheatcodes” to implement into your career to help you stay a step ahead of competition.

Once the consultation is finished you will have access to my personal line to reach me for questions or advice regarding your production career