Interested in getting your music in TV and Movies? Music Licensing can be an extremely lucrative way to make money off of your music if you have the right knowledge. Our course teaches you everything from  how to create a track, mix & master it, to creating versions, pitching it to companies, and more.

There are several different ways to make money from Music Licensing like Upfront (Similar to leasing a beat online), Royalties, and Sync fees (Lump sum when music is placed in film, commercial, trailer, etc) which you will learn about

Did you know you can get one track placed thousands of time and make royalties off it for the rest of your life? I’ve gotten over 650 placements over the last few years on tons of different shows and will make money every single time my song airs on television. Once a company represents your song they will pitch it without you lifting a finger which creates passive income. Pretty cool right?

Course Includes:

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation
  • Music Licensing Video Course
  • Music Licensing eBook Guide
  • Beat Layout Template