With all the new technology, Marketing as a whole seems to be growing exponentially every week and now that we’ve made it into another year we need to cut out the  headgear, and know what will get us results as music producers and online business men and women.

When I first dive into a new marketing campaign, the first thing I consider is capital (money). How much disposable money do I have at the time? As a lot of producers may be younger I feel like this should answer alot of questions. If you do have funds to invest into your marketing great! You are going to be able to save time with your money. What I mean by this is there is no better way on this planet right now than to use advertisements to reach the audience you want to be in front of. You can literally be in front of thousands of people all around the world while you’re sitting at your computer chair.

Now just because it sounds like the easy way out doesn’t mean it is. Learning how to successfully advertise and track your results can be quite elaborate for someone who has never done it so i’ll try to offer up as much of the knowledge i’ve gathered through my experience to help someone out.

First step, Decide which social media platform you already get the most buzz on. For me personally, I’ve found that Instagram is what works best for me. Now how do you turn your instagram from a picture gallery into a money making machine? Well there are several parts we’re going to need for this machine to run correctly. For this, I will use a car analogy.

We already have the body of the car which is instagram, our platform but now we need an engine, driver, wheels, and gas. The engine will be the platform you use to deliver your message to the audience (FB ads, IG ads, etc.) Next you’ll need a driver or a program which drives the traffic from instagram to your special offer. These are also called marketing funnels. Once we have a driver we need wheels. The wheels are what moves the car, This is your mailing list/ Auto responder. This will allow you to always be in control of a portion of your audience and direct them to go wherever you want them to “roll”. And last but not least the gas. The gas is what will accelerate the amount of time that it takes us to get to our goals and destinations. The gas is the traffic that will be flowing through your marketing system.

Step 1: Build your funnel – A good funnel lures visitors in buy offering something free or for an amazing discount. Once they click the link it takes them to a page where they enter their info (Name, Email) in exchange for your offer. I’m sure you heard this before but you must understand the importance of this step. As producers how many times a day do you check your email to see if you got a new sale or message about your beats? I know personally I check my email 10+ times a day. This means that email is still an extremely great way to reach potential customers. The key is sending them the right content and grabbing their attention.

Step 2: Email List – My favorite Email List at the moment is Mailerlite. They are great for keeping initial costs low when you are first diving into the marketing world. They allow you to build a list up to 1000 subscribers as well as automate emails all for free! Now the key to setting up good emails is to think in terms of a story line. When someone joins your list they dont really know you just yet, They only know you make beats. Introduce yourself! Let them know who you are, People like to interact, not feel as if they’re speaking with a robot one sided thing. After introduction your subscriber is turning from cold to warm as he starts to get more comfortable with you. The next step is to get them to spend money with you. Now the key for this step is to set up an auto email that gives them a special offer for very low (usually $1-$7). With them being comfortable with you and the price being so great theres a higher chance of them making a purchase. Now why was this so important? Well you’ve just broken the ice. As long as the purchasing experience was smooth and easy, Your customer will continue shopping with you because now he trusts you as well! Think about your favorite place to get shoes, or clothes.. You go there over and over because you know you’re going to find great stuff and you know that the experience is great as well.

Step 3: Ads – Once you got step one and two setup the next step is to start getting traffic. One of the easiest ways to know who to target in your ads is to look at your competitiors ads. I’m sure you’ve seen a ad pop up for beats while you were on IG or FB. Next time, click the button in the right corner and you should see a button show that says ” Why am I seeing this?”. If you click on that it will literally tell you the keyword that your competitor is using to target customers. The next way to find who to target is by searching throughhashtags and your friends. What keywords do artists use over and over in there posts? If oyu can find this out then you’re going to be making a lot of money.

Step 4: Retarget – The goal is not to get the sale on the first day which means you need to retarget those customers in order for them to see your brand again. This can be done by using facebooks pixel which tracks who comes to your site, or you can retarget simply by sending out messages to your email list.


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